Games Coming Soon!

Hey Peoples!

It’s me, Blinky. I just wanted to tell you that each member of our Club is going to be hosting their own game! I Dont know what Pinky, Inky, an Moe are thinking about for their game, but I know mine! Its going to be a page! Go Check it out to play! See ya in a Little while!

P.S. What if the Theme is changed. If We add to many pages to this theme, all the pages might not show up. If this problem occurs, I will be changeing the theme to something that will hold many more pages.

P.S.S. Im About to get a Whole lot of more visitors! Stay Tuned!

!~! Blinky Pop Noodles !~!



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2 responses to “Games Coming Soon!

  1. manjensen

    Blinky I think you are Chad and since I think you are I will say can I please work with this site as Zinky and if you aren’t Chad please tell this to Chad can I please work here it would mean so much to me. Great site !!! 🙂

    Yea… I am Blinky. But you cant work here. We all know each other in real life, and this club is mainly just our Reading table. Sorry but theres no new Workers on this site. Not now, not ever.

  2. manjensen

    Ok I will just enjoy the site.

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