Pinky-Moe’s Game is just about available!

Hola! Hey Dudes and Dudets of the World!

It’s Pinky here right now. Im thinking of Opening an Adoption centre were you can Adopt…

Useless Blobs! There awsome and can come in Many Diffrent Colors! You Gotta Try One!

You will have a new best friend. Or Should I say Blob… And I, I, I, ….. Well…. Lemme think… Oh Yeah! Im Making an Odd One Out Game! Youll Find out how to play once it comes out. MAbey you can already tell by the Title.  Itll Open on … Today! Weeeeeee… I got to go to the Bathroom See Ya!

And I got to go eat my Brothers toenails to escape the Giant Peas! See Ya!


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