You Asked…We Answered!

Wassup Inky Lovers!

Well, One of our Veiwers visited Inky’s Question Corner and Asked

“Do you like Cheese?”

That was Asked by Tangy456.  So to answer this question I invited Blinky and Moe to Help me answer.

Do you like Cheese?”

Do we like Cheese?

Wanna know if we like Cheese?

Beacause the Answer is Yes.

We Like cheese very Much.

But that doesnt mean we like to eat cheese.

*Blinky gets up to leave*

We never said anything about eating Cheese.

*Blinky Comes Back with a Bowl of Cheese.*

We like to take cheese…

And put it down our pants.

We relize this may seem weird

*Blinky Inky and Moe stuff the whole bowl of cheese down thier pants.*

But were Okay with that.

Beacause theres a REASON we stuff Cheese down our pants.

A Very good reason.

You see when you put cheese down your pants…

It makes you dance better than youve ever danced before.

You dont believe us?

You need Proof?

Beacause now that our pants are filled with cheese,

Hit it Inky.

*Inky turns on Music.*

*The three start danceing wildly





* All sit down like nothing ever happned *

Thank you for Asking Tangy!

Inky, Blinky, and MOE!



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4 responses to “You Asked…We Answered!

  1. manjensen

    Woo hoo you guys sure are funny and you have a great site I will visit everyday.

  2. georgieboy

    HAHAHAHAHAHA ooh when i saw that i just cracked up. oh well done!!! you keep getting more funny

  3. dEaDcHiCkEnDaNcErS!!!!!!11

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