Major Updates!

Hey Peoples!

Well, I changed Inky’s Creature to something a little Diffrent… same with Moe… I hope you guys like it! And if you havent noticed… we have a new Member! Everybody meet…..

Me! Slinky! Your can meet me on the Meet Slinky Page coming soon along with my game! Vote on what you think it should be!


Slinky signing out!





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2 responses to “Major Updates!

  1. manjensen

    Welcome to the noodles club Slinky I hope you like it I’m not in the club but I still welcome you.
    P.S Chad is Slinky in your reading group too?

    No, but hes our friend thats in all of our classes…

  2. manjensen

    ok thanks for answering you guys rule.

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