We’ll Miss You Slinky!

Hey Guys,

Well this is my Last post. I know I havent been around for long, but I got into the Hollywood acting Buisness! And I cant turn an offer like that down. You know what I mean. But you guys, Dont feel so bad beacause youll still see me! Hopefully in the new houuse the other Noodles are building, youll see me on the TV, or hear me on the Radio! My Pages will be deleted. So Sorry! But im on the Virge of Famous-ness! Ill Miss you all!

If you leave a Comment here for me, I wont get t Immediatly. But Another Noodle will read it, send it to me, and thell reply what I said!

Well Good-bye and Hopefully Ill See you soon!



Well were Building a House, Inkys mainly doing it, and were going to have our own Rooms!

Were Making a Pets page so check back regularly and…Yeah…ITSZZ DONE!

Were Gonna have Missions! Mission Blinky, Code inky, Secret of Pinky, and Mission Moe (lol mission Moe is funny) The page is almost complete so it will remain Password protected until its completly finished.


~For the last time…Slinky!


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