Okey Dokey: The Mission Deal

Helooooo People of earth that own computers!

Congradulations youve signed on to Blinkyinkypinkymoenoodles.wordpress.com!

So sit back, relax, take of your socks and enjoy this fine lttle post.

Im Blinky!Im Pinky!

Ohh wait thats not right. Yeah Oops…

*Pinky and Blinky switch spots*

Im Blinky

and Im PinKy!



But that doesnt matter

Beacause we got some really awsome stuff to tell you!

So to tell it all is Blinkys cousin…

The one thats NOT in jail…


Hello, I am GREG! the secret agent who is here to exploiot some new about the missions.

(( How was that))

Very Boring.

Now show them how you break it down, BLinky style.

HEY YALL! *sniff*


WEll i got some suprisingly spanking news about these heer missions yall are talking bout… *snort*

Not funny greg!

Well, it might stay closed for about 5 more days. Seeing those darn things are hard to make

and dem House you all are being building…*snort* well im just gonna say its gonna be DARNLY TOOTIN AWESOME!

THank you…greg…

*greg leaves…hopefully for good lol*

well I think thats it for today (..please please let it be..)

So make sure to come back to www.blinkyinkypinkymoenoodles.wordpress.com for more updates, and delisiously random funny things that you like!

THats www.blinkyinkypinkymoenoodles.wordpress.com

Not net!

Net is for loosers.

See Ya~ Pinky and Blinky

A Bay Bay…yeahhhhhhzzzzzzz.


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