Theme Song Feud

Hey guess what………………. We are going to have a theme song!So here’s what you do..

Pick on of the following. If you pick, other, write the song you think it should be other than that its pretty self explanetory. Unless you go to school for the retarded adults or somehting!!! Just Kidding. Sorry Moe!

Hey inky lovers. I just dropped by for a special message. The choices will be in a color according to which one of us submitted it. Thx and have fun. Choices:Nobodys Perfect

Leave it all to me

Geek in the Pink



Thx and have fun!!!!

P.S. I have another site! Come take a look!

Also check out mine.!



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3 responses to “Theme Song Feud

  1. Geek in the Pink! Gek in the Pink!

  2. Pinky


  3. Penquin jim

    leave it all to me.

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