Try to Translate what I said!

Hey Guys! Translate THIS!!!

Ok chicos … que tener sólo unos 3 días más hasta que la Misión! Usted feliz? Su va a SOOO Fun! Esperamos verle allí! Abre el … Domingo-ish … Oh Well!

Congrats y en la traducción de este!

~ Inky

To find out what I said…GO to this site…
And select Spanish to English at the Bottom. Then Copy and Paste what I said into the Box…And it will translate it for you!


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2 responses to “Try to Translate what I said!

  1. georgieboy

    GOT IT!!!!!!!ITS:
    Ok guys… that have just 3 days until the Mission! You happy? Its going to SOOO Fun! We hope to see you there! Open Sunday-ish…… Oh Well!

    Congrats and in the translation of this!

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