American Idol




The Top twelve American Idol Finalists were decided last night and 4 Contestants had to go. 😦

We had to say Goodbye to:


Awww 😦

I liked Danny and Asia’h. I thought they were gonna stay.

Here are the top twelve finalists for Season 7…

Amanda Overmyer

 Brooke White

 Carly Smithson


 David Archuleta

 David Cook

 David Hernandez

  Jason Castro

  Kritsy Lee Cook

 Michal Johns

 Ramiele Malubay


 Syesha Mercado

 And thats your top 12! Who do you like the best? Watch American Idol on Tuesday on FOX!

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2 responses to “American Idol

  1. My dad said one of those peoples are Australian, on American Idol. Lol?

    Blinky: Yeah, Michal Johns is Australian, but he moved to America. He as the Accent and everything! And he is also REALLY GOOD! But probably he wont win. Mabey like, 4th place?

  2. Yeah, just saw American Idol, Micheal sang some song about Space or something…it was Lenny McCartney Night. I think he has an American accent.

    Lol i taped it so I just only saw it this morning

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