What we really want / Construction underway : By Pinky and Moe

What do we really want from you? Well, most people just make a website, hopeing it gets popular, to gain veiws, and show them off.

Well, we arent like that. Thats of course something we want! But theres something else we all want from you veiwers, more than just hits.

We want your COMMENTS. We here at the Noodles club just WANNA KNOW WHAT YOU THINK. We also love to see how many comments we can get on one post! Look around! This site is Completely DEAD! No comments on barely any of the pages! We barely get any comments on any of out posts!

We just want a faovr from you

Favor: If your on this site, please take the extra 5 seconds to comment. It doesnt have to be A long one, just something as simple as “Nice post!”. Your single comment just means alot. So please, comment!




Hey guys!

Blinky made a Big to do list this morning and im just gonna tell you whats going to happen.

ADVERTISING:~ Well, go on to the Slinky center up above! Slinky sent a new letter! And she really wants your letters!

~ Please! Try out Mission noodles! Its really fun and we worked really hard on it! Theres prizes if you win!



Mission Noodles has Claimed there BIG WINNERS!

Up above, we are working on a FRIENDS page. There not part of the Noodles, but there friends of us. 1st place of Mission Nooldes got there own “About page” Which is also part of the Friends page. Second place got there own Noodle, which will be up on the Friends page, just it wont have anything about them.

And sadly, there was a delay on the house ( but were trying to go as fast as we can! (well not really but… I have to say that .



PS Inky will post tomorrow with some Funny pictures!



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2 responses to “What we really want / Construction underway : By Pinky and Moe

  1. Hey I left a comment cool yay bye.

  2. Penquin jim

    nice post!

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