Wanna have the SPICIEST toolbar around?

Hey Guys!

Were all here because we have some SWEET news!

We just made a Weirdly tangy toolbar that has everything you could possibly want and its there wherever you go on the Internet!

It contains Weather, It alerts you when you get a new E-mail, It has a Chat-room, it has Gadgets that are fun and helpful, and it Contains site links! All the Site links from our blogroll are on that thing!

So Get going to www.blinkyinkypinkymoenoodleswordpress.OurToolbar.com and Download that dang thing!

Also, has a Search engine powered by Google and a radio consisting of Popular Music that children enjoy listening to!!

Need to see it before you can believe it? It looks something like…

toolbar01.jpg (You know, you might wanna click to enlarge this)

that. Kinda long on this screen but it fits just about perfectly on the top of your screen.

So what are you waiting for? Download it now by Clicking Here! You might even get a chance to chat with us on the chat part of the toolbar!

And If you think anything should be removed or added, please comment here. But we might not remove anything unless many people say to.

So… remember…

Download at www.blinkyinkypinkymoenoodleswordpress.OurToolbar.com!


Also go to my friends new site.


Or just click here!

See Ya!







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6 responses to “Wanna have the SPICIEST toolbar around?

  1. oh my god!! you abbandened the pca blinky!!!

    >( i believed in you >(

    Blinky: Dont worry. Read the newest post and im sure that will reassure you of PCA.

  2. I downloaded it, it’s preeteh cool!


    Josh.eh (lol)

  3. Olly

    me downlowdz fings tat me noes wotz dey R. Wot iz eet? Weez is scred. hlpppsss

    Pinky: its a toolbar genius 😉

  4. manjensen

    I downloaded it it rules I hope I see you on the chat.

    Blinky, Inky, Pinky, Moe, Slinky: Hope to see you to!

  5. Your chat is cool! Basic stuff rocks!

    Blinky: Hahaaa! I hop to see you on there Josh.

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