My Puppy’s Birthday is tomorrow!!!

Hey Buddy ❗

Yay! Its Finally Here! My Puppies Birthday is tomorrow April 17th! She is the Best dog ever! I love her soo much!

Isnt she just the CUTEST thing? Guess how old She’s Turning… 2! Shes gonna be a 2 year old 😥 They grow up soo fast.

Breed: Goldendoodle (Golden Retriever + Poodle = Goldendoodle)

Name: Roxy

Likes: Going outside, chewing her bone, Playing with Vegas

Dislikes: Not getting to eat people food, being stepped on, the phone ringing

But still, we love her.





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3 responses to “My Puppy’s Birthday is tomorrow!!!

  1. Penquin jim

    Lol! Happy b-day roxy!!!!!

  2. HAPPY BDAY ROXY! Since dogs don’t eat cake…GIVE YOUR CAKE TO ME!!!! Lol.

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