Nothing .

Hey Guys! Inky here!

Well, there hasnt been anything to post about for a very long time. Were all out of ideas (crazy as it seems …) we are.

So What im asking of you is to comment on this post what you think we should do. Any suggestions would be nice. I dont care how insanely lame or awesome your ideas might be. Just think!

You tell us to add a new page, we might add a new page, you tell us to have our mascot a brown shoe, me might make our mascot a brown shoe .







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4 responses to “Nothing .

  1. Penquin jim

    get a mascot!

  2. err… make a one word story page. what you have to do is post one word at a time like.

    1st comment:

    2nd comment:

    3rd comment:

    and so on, but in seperate comments.

  3. Yeah, I have no ideas for my blog either. But I think you should have contests. Yeah…

  4. I have an idea! make a new theme header and/or a video showing your noodles club stuff (i can help if you need any). Any of those But i agree with Josh

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