My New Phone *UPDATE* New Car too!

Hey Buddy ❗

This is my new phone ( I Dont have it yet.. but… ) Im going to BEG and PLEAD my dad to get me one of the Verizon Alias phones! My friends have it, and they just love it!

Heres what it looks liike from all three veiws. Its a ( .. very .. ) short video that just shows you what it looks like and stuff. I got this from the verizon website.

Cool huh??

Cant wait until I get it!

And my family just randomly bought a new car yesterday, and its really sweet!  inside and out! Heres a look!

Coolest Car EVER



~The Blinkstuherr .



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2 responses to “My New Phone *UPDATE* New Car too!

  1. Penquin jim

    Hope you get it!

  2. That car is awesome!
    I lv mazdas!

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