Ready for a 51st state? I THINK NOT!

Hey you guys…

Im pretty bummed right now,

Well, as you all might now, all of us Noodles live here in Florida.

Well, guess what I just heard on the news today!

Theres goinna be a Fifty First State!

Cool right? NOT.

There planning on Spliting FLORIDA down the middle into 2 diffrent states. Like South Florida and North Florida. HullO? Now when I go visit my cousins, im going to have to travel to a diffrent STATE? I dont think so!

And Besisdes, the only way to get to south florida (Where we all will live if thi happens,) Is to get through North Florida!

This Sucks!

Please, I really dont want this to happen. Nobody does. And Ft. Lauderdale was the city who STARTED it all! Why do THEY get to decide, and others dont??

Why can we KIDS Vote on things like this that might change our lives?

I am Upset.

Well, Im giving kids the opprotunity to vote on this. It might not acctually count, but, at least its worth it.

Please give your Honest opinion on this poll here. I dont care if you Say Yes or no.

                                         Do you think Florida should become 2 states?

                                                             Yes, I think 51 states is fine

No, I think Florida should stay A single state.

Comment your vote here!

Well, thats that,

Bye then




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7 responses to “Ready for a 51st state? I THINK NOT!

  1. WOW!
    But why?
    It is pointless I think!

  2. manjensen

    I think Florida should stay 1 state

  3. Doesn’t concern me. In Australia we have *counts* 6 states and two territories. That’s enough down here.


  4. i would like it to be one state. It doesn’t bother me I live in the North of the U.K! But I do love florida. Have u been to Disney?
    Plz visit my site and post a comment.

  5. NONONOOoooooo WEEEE C u guys at skool heh heh…

  6. Well i don’t think ti would make since. Now what would would be North and South California. South California and north are really different. They hate each other! Says my dad and grandma from there. They are both from the north California and love sour dough, South Californians don’t like it. So those should be separated? Or should there be 49 states and make a Dakota from the North and South Dakotas. Or Virginia from West Virginia and Virginia. OR…ok i will quit but yea.. No.

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