Hey Everyone!!!

Hey guys!

I feel really unwanted since you haven’t been commenting me!

So go and comment all you want.


P.S. I wanted to show you guys the house i’ve been living in , in Hollywood:



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8 responses to “Hey Everyone!!!

  1. OMG! That house
    Is hilarious =o
    I am jelous lol

  2. Penquin jim


  3. …….I like your house i will buy it with my penny named paul. lol

  4. Dunya

    Lol. That’s Caleb’s mansion in the O.C.

    Lol. Finally somebody who knows were just kidding!

  5. Wow that house is so cool

  6. Dunya

    You used to watch the O.C.? I didnt but i bought its CD’s from e-bay and right now im in the 2nd season 15th episode. Right now Marrissa is gay. Lol. And she made out with Alex.. :sss EWWW!

    Blinky: No, I never watched the O.C. but one day Slinky and I were browsing the internet for a cool home that we could put on this post and… yeah. We found this one.

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