Really Cool Animation!

Heres a really cool animation I made of all the Noodles! (With a little help from Blinky.)


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Heres the Link : ANIMATION

Heres the Dialouge incase you cant read it.

SLide 1: Hey Inky!       !!!

Slide 2: Whats Wrong?          M…M…M…

Slide 3: M …….?     MOE!        WATCH OUT!!

Slide 4: AHHHHH!


Slide 6:

Slide 7: Im just gonna take a wild Guess.

Slide 8: Whats that Slinky?    MOE     Well, in Moe’s defense…    Sh…ut… up…Bo…. pleasee …. auuuugggaaa.

Slide 9 : THE END




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6 responses to “Really Cool Animation!

  1. Lol!!!
    I loved it!!
    I love that little, cute, tiny creatures!
    I would love to adopt one XD

  2. They are soo…. ahhh!!…. Theres not a word for them…. they are so blinkicious!!

  3. *Cough* *Clears throat* HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR BLINKY HAPPY *Ack* sorry can’t sing. 😆 Happy B-Day!

    Moe: Oh yeah . Its Blinky’s birthday. I need to POST THAT IMMEDIATLY . Well, ill wait 5 minutes.

  4. I see i am on your Blogroll. I shall add you too mine! 🙂

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