Happy Birthday Blinky!

Hey Guys!

WHOA  . Its Blinky’s birthday!

So Cool !Lets all sing Happy birthday.



Happy Birthday Blinky! I’ll through your tuba out the window.

Lol. Heres a cupcake.

Blinky will post his presents later. Until then…

Toodle Oodle!

(Okay. That was a bit gay.)


P.S. How do you like the new homepage? Cool , i know.


BLINKY’s PRESENTS ( Only from Family )


Guitar Hero

Wii Sports

Mask (For Cruise)

30 $$



~Peace. Blinksuherr.



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6 responses to “Happy Birthday Blinky!

  1. Yay! I’ll update this post in about 3 hours and post my presents from my family.

    Im only 12. Everbody is so much older than me. Exept Moe 🙂

  2. Penquin jim

    Iam younger than you. Happy birthday!

  3. Happy birthday Blinky! 12 is an awesome number, have fun while the moon is still out there! And I like the homepage! Yaaaaaay! More people using my ideas :mrgreen:

    Toodle Oddles! Lol.


  4. toodle oodle….wtf?

    P.S: Happy Bday blinky!

  5. Inky

    Happy Birthday Blinky! 🙂

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