Looking Back

Hey Guys, Chad(Blinky) Here. 

Looking back on this site, I relized that we made a really cool group , were still friends today. But some of these posts were really funny. 

I remember the good old days here.  But theres something I need to tell you about this site.

All the posts, except for 2, were made by me. The other one was really made by inky and Slinky. Even thpought we did have our own little noodles club in school , they never posted, ever, I did.

I never was abe to cehck this site though because I Gave it up to a friend, but the forgot the username, rememberd it now, and made a last post

Thanks for a great time on this site, make sure to visit my other one: darnstraight.wordpress.com

♥ you all.

~Blinky 🙂


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One response to “Looking Back

  1. Penquin Jim (not logged on)

    YaY! Another post. I was a bit late thoguh! Lol.

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