Meet Blinky


Hey Peoples!

Im Blinky Heres some stuff about me.

Gender: Boy (Only boy in this Group)

Favorite Song: Low, Please dont stop the Music, See you again, Hey there delilah, How far we’ve come, ect.

Favorite Color: Green (…Lime-ish…)

Faovrite Sport: Basketball

Favorite Vacation Spot: Hawaii! Alooooooooha!

Do I Know Any People Famous?: Yea! Hes Gonna be in National Treasure 2! Moe also knows him!

Favorite Word: Noodles!

Word Made Up: Yolla! [..Yo + Hola = Yolla ..]

Any Pets: Yeas… One Puppy named Roxy… (SUCH A CUTIE!) Shes a Goldendoodle.

Favorite Holiday: Christmas !! !! !!

Least Favorite Food: I Hate Lima beens…EW!

Play Any Other Games? Loads! WebkinzClub PenguinRunescapeAddicting Games.

Favorite movie:  Bruce Almighty, Jumanji, National Treasure 2, and Enchanted, and Alvin and the Chipmunks, dodgeball, ect.ect.ect. 🙂

Roll: I am the Creative one.

 !~!Blinky Pop Noodles!~!


6 responses to “Meet Blinky

  1. you like playing legozz?

    Blinky Says: No…I just made it up to ryme!

  2. luvx3jessie

    roxy is sssssooo cute… except when i caME TO THE DOOR IT LOOKED LIKE SHE WAS ABOUT TO ATTAKK ME! OOOOO i was right you r chad!

  3. Momotom-boy

    I added you guys to my fav. list.Now i can visit when ever I want: ^ )O yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. pinkypink

    Yay! A boy! You rock!

  5. Blair

    omg i love jumanji and bruce almighty!! woo you’re really coool

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