Inky’s Q Corner

Wassup Inky Lovers?

This page is where you can ask Inky questions. Anything you want! Whatever you want!Whenever you want!
Just make sure Its a Question…LOL and also if I like your Question enough, Ill put it on a post. If not Ill just answer it on the post you made!
It will be answered within 5 days!



29 responses to “Inky’s Q Corner

  1. luvx3jessie

    is blinky chad?

    Inky: Yep Yep Yep!

  2. luvx3jessie

    what is the pass for pinkys adoption center?

    Inky: Cant Tell…

  3. Tangy456

    ——–>Do You Like Cheese? <———

    Inky: Wow! Thats such a great Question! Check our Latest Post to Find out!

  4. manjensen

    —-> Do you know what meeps are <—–

    Inky: Well…. Not really….. oh wait… I remember. There was a Meep in my class last year and it was like this bloby thing and it almost ate my teachers Head! =0!

  5. manjensen

    You got it sort of right my sister invented them and she says they’re flying puffballs who live in Meep Heaven. Do you know the square root of pie divided by oranges?

    Inky: SO MANY HARD CONFUSING QUESTIONS! Lets see Pie is round so are ornages divided by the circunfence equllling x times Pi gives us.. Ah! 92.3 Inches!

  6. do you like sausages potatoes cheese toenail clippings cheesy feet… this list goes on and on… but anyway do you like those things???

    Inky: Sauseges, Cheesy feet and Toenail Clippings are worthy of me. Potatoes … not so worthy.

  7. what about fish? hamster poop? mouldy socks? BANANAS!? w00t! w00t! do the banana dance! go me! go bananas!

    Inky: Ok, I think we have a problem here. BLINKY GET YOUR BUTT OVER HERE WE GOT ANOTHER WEIRD ONE =0!

  8. georgieboy

    do you like bananas?

    Inky: I belive we were already asked that question…

  9. Momotom-boy

    Inky how do I make a web sight with my friends?

    Inky: Well, first gather up to 3 to 4 friends. Make an account on WordPress, and Figure out how it works. Then…have fun with it!

  10. georgieboy

    whats your favroite food to eat at a christmas dinnet then?

    Inky: Smell the Turkey…Nope! I usually eat like Steak, Potatos, and a vegatable.

  11. Momotom-boy

    how do i make a web sight with my friends?!we be the bad kids trying to be good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: ^ )!!!!!!!!

    Inky: What? I already answered a question like that.

  12. sonic30132

    the number pi is spelled pi not pie

  13. Momotom-boy

    how do i put a picture on the corner of my coment thing?

    Log into wordpress and go to “My profile” (..To RIght Corner..) and upoad a picture from your pictures were it says browse under the Avatar space..

  14. Momotom-boy

    what school are your guys from?

    Pfft Like im really gonna tell you that!

  15. Momotom-boy

    i dont get the mission noodles!whats the catch!?

    Inky: Ther just fun, mind-teasing activities. Just for fun, and to b ring more veiwers

  16. georgieboy

    Whens mission noodles released?

    Inky: As soon as were done bulding it.

  17. Pinky

    hi inky! whats the song that plays every time im on this site?

    Inky: Its called Faster by the Plain White T’s

  18. hi people are you gonna add more games to the site inky? By the way if u ahvent figured it out this is zach from 1st period

  19. pinky

    ok thx I like it. Why is slinky back?

    Shes not. She just has the Slinky Center beacause thats how you can Send letters to her in Hollywood! You should know this!

  20. brandonkreeture

    Hmmm, u guys r really clever! I’ve just spent aboot 20 mintues on this site and i havnt gotten bored yet! So my question is: what do you tihnk of the state of the carbon economy? haha, answer tht!

    Inky: I think Kansas is Dangerous. Too many Tornados. Ha! I answered that. Itzz called “google” Heard of it?

  21. brandonkreeture

    interesting answer, although it didnt answer the real question, im impressed about how far u went to get the answer, now answer this: In zelda ocarina of time, ther r three temples before u get the master sword link, name all three! HAHAHA! Let’s see u answer tht!!!! hahahahah!

    Inky: Really no the Video Game type of person. The only one I can come up with accordingto the title is the Temple of Time?

  22. brandonkreeture

    oh yea! i 4 got! I can program games and post them on the net. Would u like me to program u a game for ur site? I’m only limited to the basics of 2d, but it’s better than nothing rite? All I ask for in return Is that you put my credit somwer. So waddyasay?

    I dont know…. Lemmee check Blinky? -YES! Pinky? – Go for it! Moe? – Yeahh!

    I guess… you should make it happen!

  23. brandonkreeture

    Kool just tell me wat u want me to make, also, u got my question kinda rite, ther is a temple of time in the game, ok now for my other question: can u recite the alphabet backwards?

    Inky: EASY! z-y-x-w-v-u-t-s-r-q-p-o-n-m-l-k-j-i-h-g-f-e-d-c-b-a!
    And this is the third comment I got from you in 5 minutes. You must be on right now at the same time im on! Ha!

  24. brandonkreeture

    How do i put a hit-counter on my website? the tihng that measures how many views i have?

    Inky: Well, for you, you cant. YOur theme wont let you. If you get a 2 column theme, then come back and ask the Question.

  25. pinkypink

    Hi Inky,
    Why do you like the word hug so much?

    Inky: Well, at school one day, this went on for about a week, i just went around and hugged everybody in site. Some liked it, some hated it. Some were just plain confused! LOL

  26. If a pink crocodile with blonde Elvis Presly hair walked up to you with a pet rock, what would you give her to decorate her cardboard box house with?

    Inky: Giant Crayons for the crocodile and Mini crayons so the rock can help! And … forget the box, lets get that woman a diffrent hairstyle!

  27. Inky

    hi!!! amanda

  28. Ms.Princess

    This ‘Q’ page is not really a ‘Q’ page at all…
    It is more like a ‘Random Questions’ page…
    But, the more the randomer the more the merrier…That is what i say!

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