Blinky’s Music Mayhem

Hey Peoples!

Itzz me Blinky! This is my Game. Here, im am going to list a set of Lyrics from a song. Then you have to guess what it is! It will be Updated Weeky.  All form

Wk. 6

One Step at a time

Theres no need to rush

Its like learning to fly

Or Falling in love

Its gonna happen and its supposed to happen,

Till we find the reasons why .



Have you ever heard the wolf cry to the blue corn moon?

Or asked the Grinning bobcat why he grinned?

Can you sing with all the Voices of the mountains,

Can you paint with all the corners of the wind?


Apple Bottom Jeans [Jeans]
Boots with the fur [With the fur]
The whole club was lookin at her
She hit the flo [She hit the flo]
Next thing you know
Shawty got low low low low low low low low
Them baggy sweat pants
And the Reeboks with the straps [With the straps]
She turned around and gave that big booty a smack
She hit the flo [She hit the flo]
Next thing you know
Shawty got low low low low low low low low 

Wk. 3

She’d be pissed if she could see the parts of you that I’ve been kissing
No, we’re never gonna quit
Ain’t nothing wrong with it
Just acting like we’re animals
No, no matter where we go
‘Cause everybody knows
We’re just a couple of animals
So come on baby, get in
Get in, just get in
Check out the trouble we’re inYou’re beside me on the seat
Got your hand between my knees
And you control how fast we go by just how hard you wanna squeeze
It’s hard to steer when you’re breathing in my ear



I can’t waste time so give it a moment
I realize, nothing’s broken
No need to worry ’bout everything I’ve done
Live every second like it was my last one
Don’t look back, got a new direction
I loved you once, needed protection
You’re still a part of everything I do
You’re on my heart just like a tattoo


When the sun shines
We’ll shine together
Told you I’ll be here forever
Said I’ll always be your friend
Took an oath
I’mma stick it out ’till the end
Now that it’s raining more than ever
Know that we still have each other
You can stand under my Umbrella
You can stand under my Umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)

Please name the Song title and the Artist! Bye!

!~! Blinky Pop Noodles !~!


20 responses to “Blinky’s Music Mayhem

  1. ooh! ooh! i know what its called! (Secret)i win!!!!

    Yea! You Did Win!

  2. luvx3jessie

    oooo umbrella i luv that son!!! by reana

  3. w00t

    its by rhinnia and called umbrella

  4. umbrella ella ella ella, I hate that song though

  5. i no it but it been sed loads so ill make up a random name 4 it. er… the ella ella ellla song by rihana

  6. Moe

    Tatoo by Jordan sparks

  7. Slinky

    wow you guys are dumb.its animals by nickleback. DUH!

  8. Pinky

    ummmm hi blinky!!

  9. brandonkreeture

    2=Animals by nickleback, yaaaaaaay nickleback!

  10. manjensen

    5= colors of the wind pocohantas

  11. auntyherohag


    (loves the umbrella song)

    I just stumbled across the blog… and I have just one question…

    How old are you guys exactly? The blog is honestly cute though, I’ll give you that. If y’all in the 7th grade though… don’t read my blog. I’m one of those bad influences Momma talks about all the time.


    [ Websites removed, inapropriate content ]

    Blinky: Noo were all about 11 or 12 in the 6th grade.
    Um… im not even thinking about coming to your site, beacause, i think I already know what it is about 😉

  12. auntyherohag

    good call 🙂

  13. florida low!

    Please vist and cccccoomentttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. totallypenguins8

    its umbrella duh

  15. Blair

    ooh umbrella, but i really dont like that song much..

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