Haha, I wanted to make a post on this site at least once a year, looks like a barely missed 2010, huh?

Oh well 🙂

Damn, its been three years? Oh my god.

Well its 2011 now. I’d give anything to return to 2007 and 2008. Best years of my life….




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I miss this site! its so funnyZ! Too bad everytime I log off I forget the username… the username is soccerplayer927 !!!!! to enter this site


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Looking Back

Hey Guys, Chad(Blinky) Here. 

Looking back on this site, I relized that we made a really cool group , were still friends today. But some of these posts were really funny. 

I remember the good old days here.  But theres something I need to tell you about this site.

All the posts, except for 2, were made by me. The other one was really made by inky and Slinky. Even thpought we did have our own little noodles club in school , they never posted, ever, I did.

I never was abe to cehck this site though because I Gave it up to a friend, but the forgot the username, rememberd it now, and made a last post

Thanks for a great time on this site, make sure to visit my other one:

♥ you all.

~Blinky 🙂

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Im bored. Yah . New Site. is (Blinky’s) site,

  SO BYE.i dont think we’ll be posting here again for a long time.

🙂 now im gonna go eat a fruit cup

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At long last, I have it!

Hey Buddy ❗

Guess what . For my birthday party yesterday, I managed to get 280 $$

Plus the 80 $$ I already had .

Plus the 150 $$ in the bank .

I got 510 $$ for my birthday .

Now if you remember, during the end of March , I lost my iPod nano that I got for Christmas. And by lost , I mean , left it somewhere never to be found again . My parentss were furious . I looked everywhere . And I was the one who was gonna have to pay it back .

Well, thank you to all of my friends that came to my party, and gave me money , beacause I just bought another iPod yesterday,an still have 300 $$ left over!

Heres the iPod I had , and the one I bought .



Hey guys . I’m happy Blinky got his iPod back . I gave him 20 $$ 🙂 .

But I have one question for you guys? (and girls .. lol.. )

Who comes to this site everyday, like something you do when you get up and you get on the computer, do you just check this site for new posts? I know I do , Blinky goes there everyday to . Raining water. Heard of it?

Well , um , so doesn anybody visit this site everyday? Just wondering .






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Happy Birthday Blinky!

Hey Guys!

WHOA  . Its Blinky’s birthday!

So Cool !Lets all sing Happy birthday.



Happy Birthday Blinky! I’ll through your tuba out the window.

Lol. Heres a cupcake.

Blinky will post his presents later. Until then…

Toodle Oodle!

(Okay. That was a bit gay.)


P.S. How do you like the new homepage? Cool , i know.


BLINKY’s PRESENTS ( Only from Family )


Guitar Hero

Wii Sports

Mask (For Cruise)

30 $$



~Peace. Blinksuherr.


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Really Cool Animation!

Heres a really cool animation I made of all the Noodles! (With a little help from Blinky.)


 pimp myspace with Gickr

Heres the Link : ANIMATION

Heres the Dialouge incase you cant read it.

SLide 1: Hey Inky!       !!!

Slide 2: Whats Wrong?          M…M…M…

Slide 3: M …….?     MOE!        WATCH OUT!!

Slide 4: AHHHHH!


Slide 6:

Slide 7: Im just gonna take a wild Guess.

Slide 8: Whats that Slinky?    MOE     Well, in Moe’s defense…    Sh…ut… up…Bo…. pleasee …. auuuugggaaa.

Slide 9 : THE END



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