Meet Inky


Wassup Inky Lovers

Its Inky and im a gonna share my infoo with yall.

Gender: Girl

Favorite Song: Thanks for the Memories, Get busy living or get busy dying.

Favorite Color: Turquoise

Favorite Sport: Soccer

Favorite Vacation Spot: Alabama, Greece

Favorite Word: Hug (Blinky’s Edit — Demon…she is a hug demon.)

Word Made Up: Adid

Pets: Coco (Dog), Patchis (Dog)

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Least Favorite Food: Spinach

Any Other Online Games: Addicting Games and Webkinz.

Favorite movie: Hairspray, Goal

Role: Im the nice one.



6 responses to “Meet Inky

  1. cool i wached hairspray with my friend the other day! (she practically forced me to, but it was good) i like turquoise, addicting games and im a gil too! srry, i just felt like sayin that.

  2. Pinky

    i never knew u were in greece!!

  3. greece.. wow so cool i relly want tog o there wats it like?

  4. pinkypink

    I love greece. I was gonna go for two weeks but I couldnt because it was too much.

  5. Penquin jim

    Why is my name change to pinkypink?

  6. Blair

    oohh i like you you’re cute!!

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