Meet Moe



Im Moe and here is some amzingly fun stuff to read about me!

Gender: Girl..

Favorite Song: Barefoot Children (byy Jimmy Buffet o yea!_)

Favorite Color: Orange

Favorite Sport: Soccer

Favorite Vacation Spot: Winter Park, Colorado.

Know anybody famous: Billy Unger and the Hogan Family

Favorite Word: BAM!

Made Up Word: Kabamboom (Kabam+Boom=Kabamboom)

Pets: Cat- Boo – Tabby, Cat- Santa fe – Tabby, Dog – Dallas – Dalmation

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Least Favorite Food: Guacamole

Play any other online games: Addicting Games and Webkinz.

Favorite movie: Ricky Bobby

Role: The Athletic one.

(Bo is my little Brother. He follows e around EVERYWHERE and never leaves! But hes soooo cute!)

~~Moe Noodles~~


3 responses to “Meet Moe

  1. pinkypink

    Your page is the best!

  2. kaeli

    hi its kaeli i luv this page

  3. Blair

    aww bo’s such a qt pie!!

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