Meet Pinky


Hey Dudes and Dudets of the World!

Im Pinky! Enjoy this!

Gender: Girl

Faveorite Color: Pink

Favorite Song: Grande Theft Autumn, The takeover the Breaksover.

Favorite Sport: Volleyball

Faovrite Vacation Spot: Turkey, Italy, Russia, Austria, ect.

No anybody Famous: No

Favorite Word: Crepuscular

Word Made Up: N/A

Pets: Coco (Dog) and Cappuchino (Cat)

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Least Favorite Food: Spinach

Any Other Online Games: Webkinz

Favorite Movie: Dodgeball

Role: The Smart One

Hope U Likeed!

——> Pinky <——


10 responses to “Meet Pinky

  1. Pinky

    hi i love my page!!! luv ya!

  2. hi pinky i like the adoption place

  3. Pinky

    hi zach, how are ya?

  4. pinky

    cappuccino is a cat FYI

  5. brandonkreeture

    Yeah, cappachino is a cat, why’d u put dog? Well anyway hi guys! Like ur page!

  6. pinkypink

    Nice page!

  7. Blair

    ohh pinky i think your the best!!! luv ya lots!!

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