Moe’s Odd One Out


This game is simple, yet fun and challenging.  I will show you a collection of five pictures from Anywere!  Four of them are from the same room but the other is from a different room.  Work out which picture is in a different room – which one is the Odd One Out?  (Use the numbers on the pictures, they are labelled)



Wk. 3 answer – 3 ,1-2,4-5 are all Hair  but three is Hay..Belive it or not.


Answer: 2. 1, 3-5 are all a clock… and 2 is a pair of Jeans!

ooowk.pngAnswer: #5! 1-4=Bathroom 5=Kitchen!

GOod Luck!



15 responses to “Moe’s Odd One Out

  1. luvx3jessie

    Sorry But number 2 is Incorrect.

  2. Momotom-boy

    5!I think?

  3. 3, cause 5’s a towel, witch goes with bathrooms, so thats unfair if 5 is correct

    Moe: Java Llama, Dont tell us whats right and whats wrong and whats unfair and whats fair. Acctually, 3 is a Bathtub. Its hard to tell. 5 is acctually a Light…from a Kitchen, :P!

  4. georgieboy

    is week 2 4?

  5. Momotom-boy

    5? it looks like an ear!the rest looks like hair!

  6. georgieboy

    3(week 3) im pretty sure thats right

  7. pinkypink

    week 4: is it the 4 picture?

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