Our Pets

Hey Hey!Here are some of the pets!Heres mine! His name is…JOE! 

Ok Joe is really larger than all of the others in real life. hes a fat little Penny…BUT HES MY FAT LITTLE PENNY!

Heres mine his name is… BAY-BAY

And you can see…hes really tha BAY-BAY of the group!!

Heres my pet his name is Phillip! (HES MINE I TELL YOU) MINE!!!

He is known as Cosmos nickel on fairly Odd Parents!!!!

Heres my pet.

Pete Wentz (Pinky likes him.   OOOOOOlala)






14 responses to “Our Pets

  1. Momotom-boy


  2. Cool site you guys what is noodles mission like?

  3. Pinky

    its Pete Wentz!!!

  4. pinky

    hey zach! Guess what? 😛

  5. pinky

    hey, can I rename mine? I want it to be named after the lead singer of afi

  6. salmonvi

    hey guys cool site!!!
    Ill be checking it out a lot!

  7. ok wat u said guess wat what?

  8. pikachu14

    chad or anyone else what is mission noodles password it seems kool

    It will be realeased when its ready

  9. penelopedog

    lol! This site rocks!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the awesome work!

  10. Ms.Princess

    is this KRG?!

  11. Mr.Who?

    😈 these rule 😈

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