Pinky’s Adoption Center

Hey all Dudes and Dudets of the World!

If you would like to Adopt a Useless Blob… Please Pick you Color! Here are the Choices…






Light Blue


Pink *Thats me!*



Negative *strange*

All Colors







Emo >=(

And Blobs only have a certain time of a lifetime to live. If your blob says SPACEFEM over it…it has passed away. And we will remove them.

!zzy ~

Dieter  ~ Blob Preview

Josh ~ Blob Preview

Manjensen ~ Blob Preview

xsheilagallyx ~ Blob Preview

Pikachu14 ~ Blob Preview

Emilyisc00l ~ Blob Preview

Have Fun Adopting



45 responses to “Pinky’s Adoption Center

  1. manjensen

    I want disco please sorry if this is a duplicate my computer was acting weird.

  2. Tinyrebelde

    uuuhh ill take a guess……swirl please!!

  3. Momotom-boy

    Hey ill take negative; ^ )wink wink!

  4. spiral! How do you make these?

  5. Momotom-boy

    I’m sorry,but i asked for negative.I really am

    I did give you a Negative

  6. armygrl55

    i want a disco one plz!!!!!

  7. Momotom-boy

    sorry my mistake i have negative

  8. Momotom-boy

    Sorry I thought the name was below the blob: ^ (

  9. Moe

    I lied I want a DISCO one !!!pleeze

  10. bobby

    CHAD i want all of them itz ur buddy walliopaullio

    luv u<3

  11. bobby

    ima dolphin

  12. MADDIE

    imahh baloogahh WHALEE

  13. Maggie

    I want a negative one!!! p.s. im a friend of camryns (moe)!!

  14. pikachu14

    omg its sooo hard to choose, i want all of them but if u can t do that then spiral

  15. eitheroneofus

    can i have an american one?

  16. Momotom-boy

    i cant see my blob: ^ (

  17. Momotom-boy

    why cant i see most of the blobbs

  18. soccerplayer927

    Hey since Im Inky can i have a swirl one. please!!!!! :):):) 🙂

  19. hi people whats up i want to adopt a pet yay!!

  20. Pinky

    i want an emo one!!!

  21. May i please haev an emo one?

  22. salmonvi

    hey its nick, i just want to no what it looks like, ill have an emo blob

  23. salmonvi

    k actually ill get a light blue

  24. Penquin jim

    Can I have a disco one?

  25. Yo!!

    I want a Red One & a Blue one for my cousin….
    If you can’t make two…Make the red one ok? 😉

    Until Then…DAK Salute
    AK47 For Everyone!!

  26. !zzy

    I want one! I want it to be negative

  27. Penquin jim

    i want a canuk one!

  28. I’ll have an emo one! Lol. This shall be interesting…

  29. Penquin jim

    ok the canuk one is not what i thougth it was

    Pinky: Lol…okay… Order another idc

  30. OMG! Lol. So emo lol. I shall name my Blob…Blob the emo that loves riding on emus and coms from Iceland and lives in teh desert and did I mention he’s an emo?!

    That is his official name. It’s a he right?

    Pinky: Does it make more sense if it was a she emo?

  31. manjensen

    can I have an emo blob please.

  32. Penquin jim

    since im not canadian can I have a american one? Because im american.

  33. ~☺~Emmi~☺~

    THESE ARE SOO CUTE!!!! I want a blob! Can I have a swirl?

  34. light blue plz!
    Can I have two?
    If so, american.
    If not, light blue.

  35. ill take an emo.. and guess wat i got a haircut!!

  36. hazlief

    Can I have all colors

  37. Ms.Princess

    Hey Pinkie,
    This is ‘Hazlief’ or ‘Doddlegames’ sister, Msprincess!

    I would REALLY like to adopt a blob.. they look so cool! You can chose when my dies but i would like to have it at least for, ONE MONTH max.

    My colours are: (in order) 1. Purple
    2. Light Blue
    3. Blue
    4. Orange

    You chose which eva one of my colours r avaible…those r my ‘Top Four’

    THANXS 🙂 – Ms.Princess

  38. Blair

    ooh i want disco! that sounds like it would look really cool!

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